Thriving in Luxury Real Estate Development

Running a business from 2002 to the present date is not an easy task. Despite the challenges, hard work and will becomes the precedence of everything. This is how Hussain Sajwani has always been with DAMAC. The company is a real estate developer but not just any other structures or building. DAMAC only deals with development of luxury real estate.

This choice of the niche was a brilliant idea from Sajwani. Most real estate developers deal with all types of building and structures. As a result, the market becomes flooded. By focusing on just one line of real estate development, makes DAMAC professionals in this area. Customers have identified them as the specialties and not distracted by other kinds of projects.

When Sajwani started this company, his mission was to offer Dubai classy living standards. This mission has grown and reached other nations such as Middle East, U.K and GCC. The company is also in business with popular brands such as Versace, Fendi, Bugatti and Just Cavalli. Apart from just building, the company offers management services for those apartments for hotels. Some of the clients are Paramount Hotels and Resorts.

DAMAC has come this far not because Sajwani’s leadership only. He would not have been successful without a team of employees. The company has the best employees working for it. They are specialist with qualifications for various positions. Sajwani is glad to have such a capable team behind him.

Before Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC, he did like any aspiring business person would do. He got a good education and experience. Sajwani has a graduate degree from University of Washington. He worked for GASCO but shortly, he decided to do business. His first idea was a catering entity.

This business thrived and it is now a big venture serving outside nations. Hussain Sajwani is proud of his achievements. Small beginnings should never be despised. They brought the great success and fulfillment he has today.

Sajwani has come a long way as a businessman. He knows that business grows by seeking new opportunities and enlarging the business network. Hussain Sajwani is seeking to work with President’s Trump’s organization. The two individuals have known each other before and related both in business and socially.

The president feels unwilling to directly do business in his capacity. Since the two families are friends, they will agree on another effective way of handling business. Hussain Sajwani family appreciates the good connections and friendship he has with the Trump family.


Lacey and Larkin and their Fight Against Joe Arpaio’s Long Criminal Record

The former Sheriff of the Maricopa County in Arizona was Joe Arpaio who was at the post for 24 years before he was criminally convicted. Joe Arpaio had dubbed himself many times as ”America’s Toughest Sheriff” trying to blow up his bubble even further, but in the end, he is now known as “America Worst Sheriff.”

Elected in 1992, Joe Arpaio’s badge was finally taken away in 2007. During his debaucherous ”career” in law enforcement, Joe Arpaio’s name became a synonym of racism, sexism, and fundamental hatred towards people. Joe Arpaio frequently indulged in his preferences and manipulated, tortured, starved, and eventually killed people, or staged their murders as ”unfortunate suicides” as he had once put it.

On many occasions, Joe Arpaio had attracted media coverage because of his ways of upholding justice. He toyed with inmates and wrongfully arrested citizens by forcing them to wear pink underwear, completed with lace details, and put on the classic prison jumpsuit in black and white stripes.

He would also starve them by rationing their daily food in two portions each no bigger than the palm of his hand. The ”menu” usually consisted of expired products, mostly green bologna and rotten fruit for dessert.

Joe Arpaio’s way of keeping the country roads tidy was dispatching a chain of shackled female prisoners every once in a while, usually in the worst of wheater conditions. He later said that it was to help them keep fit and healthy. Other organizing of his included providing civilians with guns to do his bidding and round up Latinos for him to scrutinize. Joe Arpaio had decided that it was up to him to decide to deport Latinos as he saw fit.

During his 24 years as Sheriff, Joe Arpaio had amassed quite the criminal portfolio. His Tent City became well known and attracted even more media attention after he called it his own ”concentration camp” with a broad smile on his face. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Tent City w opened back in 1993 because the prisons were overcrowded. The temperatures in Tent City reaching boiling hot status and prisoners were severely mistreated. The mockery included savage beatings and birthing mothers being tightly shackled to death and left along without help during childbirth. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

May died because of Joe Arpaio though he tried to cover up his tracks by staging the murders as suicides. The number of people who were staged to have hung themselves in his cells far exceeded the rates of other counties.

What a coincidence that in those same cells Joe Arpaio had had prisoners suffocated because of confinement to restraint chairs, and many other deaths such as the passing of a woman with diabetics who needed her medicine to stay alive but was denied access to it.

Joe Arpaio was never punished for these and his other crimes. Tump issued the convicted criminal with his presidential pardon and prevented the final sentence.

Now, people like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are left behind to continue to expose people like Joe Arpaio and to seek justice and help victims.

What Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Accomplished for Employment Incentives

A stable economy always goes back to jobs. This is why lawyer Jeremy Goldstein has been called upon consistently to aid in the area of employment incentives. Long-term investors often feel they are on the losing end of this conundrum. Goldstein has been an adviser to companies like Verizon, Goldman Sachs, and other large corporations. His expertise is in helping companies learn how to leverage incentives that already exist to aid in reducing strain with their employees. Topics like Earnings per share (EPS), and other incentive based programs can be a sensitive topic. The main challenge is, what incentives should we offer and who should they be awarded to?


Many CEO’s and CFO’s continued to battle over this topic, as employees have questioned performance-based programs. The EPS is generally not the issue. Employees and their employers both see it as a positive thing, and a true incentive. Due to their nature they are influenced by the stock market, putting employees on edge as they watch how it fares. The studies conducted on this topic, one of EPS as part of an overall pay structure has shown that companies using this model are without a doubt much more successful. One thing to keep in mind, is that EPS programs can give the business what some would say is the unfair advantage.


NYC lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein believes it is simple to find a compromise when it comes to EPS plans. He feels that businesses that launch a performance-based pay structure tend to do better than those who do not. This is also regarded as a way to hold CEO’s accountable for their actions regarding employees and their fairness with pay and benefits. When the performance-based pay structured measures up with what is congruent with the long-term goals of a business, he feels it improves the overall morale of the workplace and encourages employees to perform.


Goldstein began his career working with a large firm and later decided it was time to branch out on his own. Obtaining his J.D. from New York University School of Law, Goldstein was able to attract good clients. Working with larger companies was a plus for his career, and still proves today that he is growing well as a lawyer and is quite successful working with cases on employment incentives. He is also listed in the Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.


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Reconciling Grand Rapids Betsy DeVos with the Education Secretary

To the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Betsy DeVos is the kindest and most generous person they have ever met. However, despite her kind and generous nature, she is no coward and has been on the forefront to fighting for education and labor reforms in Michigan. Her brave and never-surrender personality seems to have disappeared when the billionaire reformist took cabinet office as the secretary of education. Learn more:


A woman who has fought all her life to give children equal opportunities and choice is now being complacent as president Trump passed a federal policy banning transgender students from using the bathrooms that match their gender. People who have known and loved Mrs.DeVos were pretty confused by her stand as they expected her to fight the policy and take a stand for the students. However, an aide assured employees of the Education Department that she actually did fight against the move but at the end of the day, the president has executive power.


History of Betsy DeVos


Betsy was born Elisabeth prince in a very wealthy family in Holland, Michigan. Her political career started early when she joined Calvin College and became actively involved in campus politics. She has led many campaigns, political actions and party organizations including being the chairman for the Michigan Republic Party for six years.

Mrs. DeVos is also a formidable entrepreneur who has served as chairman of the Wind Quest Group, the multi-company group she started with her Husband Dick DeVos in 1989. The billionaire couple also started an aviation school in Grand Rapids to help kids from all backgrounds reach their dreams whether they want to be pilots, engineers or business people. She and her husband have spent millions of dollars and time to support institutions affiliated with education, church, arts and culture and of course sports. She is a mother of four very successful kids and they serve as her driving force to see other people’s children succeed as well.


Her Passion


Though she has had a long and successful political and business career, Betsy DeVos has one major passion and that is education. In her young ears when her kids were going to school, she realized that most parents would love to take their kids to the best schools in the world but most of them couldn’t afford it. This led to her finding a solution where even poor parents could have a choice of where their kids would go to school even if it’s a private or church-based school. The launch of private school vouchers and charter schools has been well received not only in Michigan but in other states as well. Aside from helping poor kids get equal education as rich kids, she has also started a foundation that supports kids to get an education.


Mrs.DeVos passion for education and her outspoken nature on the same led to her appointment as the secretary of education in president trumps government. Though her introduction to the cabinet was rather shaky, most people say she will catch on pretty fast and people should be afraid of her. Her polite and even funny demeanor should not confuse people that she is a laid back person who will look the other way.

Roberto Santiago Builds The Future of Brazil

In 1958 Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa João is the capital of the state of Paraíba in Brazil. He received a Business Administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He also attended the Pio X-Marist College and graduated with a Master’s Degree.


Today, Roberto Santiago is a successful Brazilian businessman, generous entrepreneur, and an intelligent visionario who loves Brazil. Mr. Santiago started a business after he graduated so that he could help employ more of his conterrâneos. At the time, his business was a Cartonnage industry company that made cardboard boxes, paper and packaging products.


It was through his lucrative paper company business that he was imbued with the idea of creating a posh mall for his native Brazilians to work in, as well as to shop and dine in elegance. Thus, the great Manaira Shopping Mall was created and designed with local floral landscaping and other beautiful architectural features. Manaira is a city within Paraiba in the northeastern part of Brazil.


Roberto Santiago has further designed the Manaira Mall with a concert hall called The Domus Hall. Domus Hall was created atop the mall’s rooftop. The concern hall has already been used by many local Brazilian entertainers and other international artist who ordinarily would not have thought to perform in Brazil. Mr. Santiago also invites the local residents to use Domus Hall for weddings, anniversaries, graduation events, regional fairs, and cultural activities.


As you can tell, Manaira is Brazil’s largest mall in the Paraiba region. Mr. Santiago purchased the property in 1987 now occupied by the multi-leveled Mall. The Manaira Mall was completed in 1989. It was Roberto’s desire to improve the shopping, dining, and social activities for the region’s residents. Also, in 2013 Roberto Santiago built another modern mall call Mangerira. Mangerira is not built on the same scale of Manaira, but was a shopping center, Mangerira is a success.


Roberto Santiago does not miss an opportunity to talk to young Brazilian youths on the importance of becoming their own businessmen, to positively increase the image of their country. Mr. Santiago also encourages Brazil’s millennials to become successful entrepreneurs. Talking about educating young adults, Roberto Santiago created a school within the Manaira Mall called The College of Higher Education of Paraiba.


In addition to shoppers and diners, the Manaira Mall is quite a place of activity with the school’s students and staff. Not only are there shops of all types within the tiers of Manaira Mall, there are also upscale nightclubs/bars, restaurants, banking companies, a huge food court, large multi-lane bowling alley, several 3-D movie theaters, gaming areas, and more.


Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador is resigned during the summer of 2015. His four year tenure saw the doubling of trade between Israel and the U.K. The Israeli embassy credits him with a deeper link between the two countries in business, culture and academic measures. The U.K. now has more than three hundred Israeli businesses operating in it with an annual bilateral trade of more than five and a half billion dollars.


Daniel Taub who became the Israeli ambassador during 2011 was born in the U.K. He has traveled to Northern Ireland as a peace negotiator to learn from the things that were happening there. Taub told the Jewish Chronicle that he had concerns about things going on at colleges during 2012 because he wanted everyone to be able to express themselves without the fear of someone intimidating them.


George Galloway, Bradford’s city representative to parliament decided the area was to be free from Israel’s influence during 2014; Daniel Taub then visited the city in defiance. Taub stated that he was there as a result of invitations from within the community. Taub said the city did not appear to share the ideas that Galloway was promoting at the time. He also pointed out that the two locations have a long history of cooperating with each other.


Born in 1962 in Great Britain Daniel Taub attended the University College in London and Oxford in addition to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In 1989 Daniel Taub relocated to Israel and served as a combat medic for Israel Defense Forces and in the international law division as a reserve officer. In 1991 he started at the Israeli Foreign Ministry and has been in several diplomatic and legal posts since.


Daniel Taub specializes in the laws of war and counter terrorism while having expertise in international law. He has served as a legal advisor to Israel’s missions and represented the country in several multilateral fora. He has also taken an active role in peace negotiations for several countries and is very highly accomplished in a vast array of political circumstances.


Bradesco Agrees To Compensate Depositors For Losses Due To Government Plans According To CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco

The Brazilian government had a plan in place during the 1980s and 1990s that tried to stop hyperinflation, and millions of legal disputes resulted from that plan. More than 60 percent of the people who participated in those government plans are getting a refund, according to Brazilian Federation of Banks. Bradesco along with Itaú Unibanco Holding SA, Santander Brasil SA, Caixa Econômica Federal, and Banco do Brasil SA, are giving money back to depositors who got caught in that faulty government plan. Bradesco’s CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco thinks the unorthodox government policies like confiscating savings accounts and investment 30 years ago did more harm than good. Trabuco should know. He saw the damage first-hand.

In spite of the depositor compensation issue, Bradesco and Trabuco continue to give shareholders and bank customers something to cheer about. Trabuco is now the Chairman of the Board as well as the bank’s CEO until a replacement for that position surfaces. There are seven qualified men in the hunt for Trabuco’s spot. Trabuco has to give up his CEO role because of his age. Bradesco has a CEO age limit, and Trabuco is past the 67-year-old age limit. Brazilian banking legend and only the second man to hold the position of Chairman of Bradesco, Lázaro de Mello Brandão is retiring at the end of the year, and Trabuco will fill his shoes. Even though the legendary banker is retiring, he will still have a desk, and a frank opinion when it comes to developing new bank strategies.


Bradesco is the second largest bank in the nation, and it is one of the first to have an easy-to-use online banking platform, thanks to Trabuco and Mauricio Machado de Minas, the Chief of the bank’s IT department. Plus, with more than 5,000 bank branches and thousands of ATM locations, Bradesco gives bank customers convenient banking options because that’s what Brazilians want. Trabuco is the maestro of digital banking, but he doesn’t take all the credit. He has a loyal staff of important bank executives, and that’s why seven of them are candidates to replace him as CEO at the beginning of 2018.

Trabuco’s banking career is nothing to sneeze at. He has an outstanding track record when it comes to profitability, assets under management and new banking services. For almost fifty years, Trabuco has given Bradesco the leadership and the expertise it needed to become the best private bank in the country. Mr. Trabuco was not a finance major or an accountant, but his calculating mind and no-nonsense business approach gave the bank the credibility it needed in a country where banks have little credibility. Luiz is at the top of his banking game, and he is ready to pass the CEO position to one of his qualified teammates. IT executive Mauricio Machado de Minas may be the top candidate, but lending officer, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, and Human Resource Manager, Andre Cano, and are also top candidates.

But some bank employees think Octavio de Lazari, the president of Banco Seguros, may have an advantage. Others say operations executive Josué Augusto Pancini is the top contender. Investment division head, Marcelo Noronha may be the right man for the job, according to some shareholders according to No matter who gets the job, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will still oversee bank operations, and Lázaro de Mello Brandão will be right next to him watching the bank grow in Brazil’s budding digital banking world. That’s the way Bradesco rolls. The people who work for the bank stay around especially bank executives. Trabuco is the third person in the bank’s history to become the Chairman of the Board.

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Dick DeVos Chairs Education Reforms

Dick DeVos is a successful businessman who has held executive positions in various institutions such as Amway, The Windquest Group (he is currently the president) and the Orlando Magic. He spent nine years as head of Amway from 1993-2002,being in charge of all its operations spanning 50 countries in 6 continents and reported $4.5 billion profit in his last fiscal year as Amway’s president. Before that he was Vice president in the same organization. He has also been Chief Executive Officer of Orlando Magic for 3 years.


Background information


Mr. DeVos has been involved in community initiatives, particularly through the Dick and Betsy foundation which he co-runs with his wife Betsy DeVos. He is the founder of Education Freedom fund which has so far awarded over 4000 scholarships to Michigan’s underprivileged children. He is also founder of Michigan’s Aviation Academy that aims to offer aviation focused education programs. He has also served as member in the State’s Education board, and got appointed to the management advisory council of federal aviation administration. He is married with 7 children and 6 grandchildren.


Role in education reform


Dick DeVos, through their family foundation, has been extensively involved in advocating for educational reforms through their educational-choice movement, which advocates for kids, especially from underprivileged families, to access good education in private or better public school systems. It was borne out of their desire to help parents, majorly those from lower income families, to be able to have choices when selecting schools for their children. The movements success can be seen, so far about 250000 children from 33 publicly funded choice programs within 17 states. The number of students involved in the choice programs has grown by 40000 and new programs got launched in Virginia, New Hampshire, Louisiana and Pennsylvania, with expansions being seen in Ohio, Florida and Arizona. In Indiana, over 10000 students have already been enrolled in the program, which is barely 2 years old in that state.


The end goal of his foundations role in education choice advocacy


This is all being done with the hope that it will enable parents, regardless of their background and financial capabilities, to have an equal opportunity in choosing what educational setting they think is best for their children. This way, Mr. DeVos hopes that those students will have the opportunity to exploit and fulfill their potentials and talents to the maximum and for the communities ultimate good.


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The Changes that Talk Fusion has brought in the Business Industry

Talk Fusion has brought a significant revolution in the way people conduct their daily business operations through the great video options that it has given them an opportunity to create. The firm has successfully enabled individuals; particularly business owners develop unique videos to promote their businesses. Corporations have now adopted the use of videos to better service of their customers as well as bring in new work. A significant number of companies have successfully created excellent graphics which their clients use either to print or for online video purposes.

The high tech innovations used in making Talk Fusion have enabled individuals to create great videos that are super fast to load and clear to the individuals viewing them. Through the high platform, communication has become comfortable, and the old ways of passing messages to recipients have been eliminated. Besides, Talk Fusion has given people an excellent opportunity to express themselves regardless of their level of education as well as their location. People have had a unique opportunity to share fun moments with their friends and family members by sending funny videos as well as the usual videos of what their lives entail.

The platform has also brought efficacy in the business operations of many individuals as they can now access and evaluate the value of a particular product through the broad range of videos available on the platform. The cost of traveling to business premises to gain information concerning certain goods and services has been reduced. Besides, the high affordability of the platform has seen a significant number of individuals choose to do business with it. The high technology used in designing Talk Fusion has made it emerge to be one of the world`s leading all in one video marketing solution for many companies.

Talk Fusion has continued to top the advertising industry thanks to the significant commitment exercised by its team of employees. The workers have always drawn their motivation to work from its leader, founder, and CEO Bob Reiner. Bob`s passion for succeeding has seen him bring more innovations to fuel the growth of the firm and looks forward to making its services better than their current condition. Learn more:

Despite providing significant funding to prisons, Securus is able to keep rates low

One of the more contentious points in the prison communications industry is the fact that many of the nation’s largest inmate communications companies provide commissions to the institutions in which they are allowed to operate. In fact, many of the bidding processes involved in getting these contracts are centered around the ability of the communications firms to pay the most money possible back to the institutions where they are hired. This means that, in practice, many prison communications contracts are often rewarded simply on the basis of what company can provide the highest rates of return for the institution itself.


Understandably, this often leads to complaints on the part of prisoners and their family members, especially in states like Arizona, where prisoners are often forced to pay up to $1.50 per minute to make outgoing phone calls from the states carceral institutions.


But in other jurisdictions, like Louisiana, companies such as Securus Technologies, one of the leading inmate communications providers in the country, are able to both provide significant sources of revenue to the institutions in which they operate as well as maintaining low rates for inmates placing outgoing calls. In the state of Louisiana, Securus pays an average of 71 percent of all revenues to the institutions where operates. This high commission rate results in the prisons where Securus has its telephone systems making significant revenues from outgoing phone calls, allowing those prisons to maintain themselves well-staffed and operate enough beds to house the ever-increasing inmate population of that state.


But even paying such high commission rates, Securus is able to keep the average price of a phone call in the state of Louisiana down to $0.15 per minute, a rate that is low enough to allow the vast majority of inmates to stay in frequent contact with their loved ones on the outside of prison.