OSI Group Expands Operations

OSI Industries, an Aurora based food processing company, recently purchased a large food processing plant in the Chicago Metropolitan area from Tyson as part of an ongoing initiative to expand their operations as one of the top 100 food producers in the United States.

The 7.4 Million Dollar purchase of the former Tyson plant saved hundreds of food workers their jobs, as well as creating new opportunities for those in the area, as Tyson had intended to cease all operations in the area, according to an announcement given in November. This adds the Chicago Processing facility to OSI Group’s growing assembly of more than 60 facilities across the planet.

OSI Industries, founded in Aurora, Illinois in 1909 and currently chaired by Mr. Sheldon Lavin continues to produce a number of processed meat products, including bacon and breakfast sausage, as well as providing processing services to a number of packaged food brands distributed around the globe. OSI doesn’t limit itself to value-added protein items, also providing processing for bread and dough based products, and kettle cooked offerings, both fresh and frozen. This fits with OSI Group’s mission statement of ensuring the shelves of retail stores throughout the US and abroad are stocked with a variety of inexpensive products. OSI Foods’ continued devotion to meeting rapidly changing consumer demand is a surefire cause for the recent acquisition, no doubt a boon to the surrounding area.

OSI Industries recently merged with a counterpart on the European Continent late last year, Flagship Europe, another food processing provider, the exciting merger will surely make OSI a force to be reckoned with in the coming years as it continually expands operations and production capability both domestically and abroad. It can be difficult for businesses, particularly large ones, to react to consumer demand quickly enough to remain viable in the internet age, OSI has proven itself ahead of the curve in it’s attempts to satisfy consumer demand. Here’s to another century of service.

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