Damac Properties and Hussain Sajwani Have Transformed Dubai Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani is the beacon of real estate development in the middle east. Ever since he formed Damac Properties in 2002, he has been the leader of new innovations in the development of real estate properties in the area, starting in Dubai and spreading to other countries in the area.


As a youth he swore that he would never be a businessman because his father had made him work long hours after school in the family clock business. He wanted to just get a degree and work normal hours as a professional. His attitude changed, however, when he found an opportunity to purchase a large volume of candy which he then resold at a nice profit to his fellow classmates.


He received an engineering degree from the University of Washington in the US and then went back home to work as an executive in an oil company. When the Gulf Wars occurred, he was very successful at forming a company that provided catering services to the US Army. The catering division of his enterprises is still active today, and very profitable.


In 2002, Sajwani founded Damac Properties to take advantage of a government decree that allowed foreigners to take up permanent residence in his country. He moved quickly to establish himself, using the capital and experience gleaned from his catering experiences. By using innovative promotion and fundamental business sense, he was able to purchase property in an undeveloped area, and sell out his first project in six months, a 38 story apartment project.


The Damac owner always pays cash for his land. That way there is never a question as to him leaving or moving on. His projects each have their own bank account so that there is no transfers or mingling of funds. Abundant cash reserves are kept so that construction will continue, even if the economy goes bad. The real estate projects are never financed over a 20 percent limit.


The Hussain Sajwani family members are also involved in the business as much as they wish to be. Sajwani understands that family talent is essential to the long-term aspects of the business and he plans accordingly.


To learn more, visit http://hussainsajwani.com/.

Who Is Marc Sparks?

Marc Sparks is an eminent entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He graduated high school in 1975 with an average grade of C. Sparks barely has an educational background in what he does. However, he is passionate about helping other people create a path to success by turning different ideas into businesses. His boundless energy, and resilient attitude have earned Sparks many accolades as an entrepreneur. Learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


He has started dozens of outrageously successful startups within his 35 years of entrepreneurialism. Most of the startups are majorly involved in telecommunication, real estate, and business solutions. Some of the startups include Bluejay Wireless, Blue Ox logistics, Splash Media, and Cobalt Real Estate Services among many others. Learn more:

Sparks is the CEO of Timber Creek LP based in Dallas, Texas. Timber Creek is his current major venture capitalist company. It is a private equity firm that manages and maintains dozens of portfolio companies. The company’s objective is to turn dreams into income generating products and services. It helps businesses meet their goals by providing capital, marketing, office space, and equipment among others. Learn more: http://timbercreekcapital.com/


Apart from being a successful serial entrepreneur, Sparks is also an author. He decided to document his journey so that other people can learn from him. In 2014, Sparks published a book titled,They Can’t Eat You. He reveals how the C student transformed into a serial entrepreneur. In the book, he shares both his successes and failures. When he wrote the book, he aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs to keep going even when they face setbacks. After all, Sparks is no stranger to challenges. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


Marc Sparks is also a passionate philanthropist. He has given back to the society by helping homeless shelters like Samaritan Inn, in Texas. Sparks has also taken part in building homes with Habitat for Humanity. He is a great supporter of America Can Academy. Sparks also started the Sparky’s Kids Foundation, which is involved in giving computers to at-risk kids, with an aim to break the cycle of poverty.


Marc also engages in stress relieving activities, given the huge responsibilities he has. Sparks loves to partake in outdoor activities like biking, hunting, fishing, and adventurous travel. He gets inspiration from the dozens of exotic places he visits. Serengeti, Machu Picchu, and Angkor Wat are among the beautiful places Sparks has visited.


In a nutshell, Sparks transformed his high school grade of a C into more than 35 years of entrepreneurialism. He started dozens of flourishing startups. Sparks also published a book that reveals his successful journey. Apart from being a hardworking businessman, he also takes part in philanthropic activities. Sparks is also an outdoor enthusiast. It is no secret that Sparks’ story is indeed an epitome of bare-bones success.


Dick DeVos leads the way in Michigan philanthropy

As one of the staunchest supporters of the Michigan Republican party, Dick DeVos has made himself a number of political foes over the years. Unfortunately, these partisan opponents of DeVos’ political ideology often times are blinded by their own ideological concerns. This is particularly true in the case of DeVos’ considerable philanthropy, which has contributed mightily to his home state of Michigan, as well as other areas across the country and across the world.


Although DeVos’ name is inextricably linked with Republican politics, he has spent very little of his life actually pursuing political goals. His highly publicized 2006 gubernatorial run in the state of Michigan was probably, more than anything else, what solidified his image as a politician within the public mind. However, this image is almost entirely inaccurate.


In fact, one of DeVos’ most serious accomplishments has been his philanthropic pursuits. Over the course of his lifetime, he has given away more than $130 million to charitable causes across the state of Michigan and elsewhere in the United States. He has always been careful to give money to those organizations which a proven track records of accomplishing well-defined and carefully stated goals.


For DeVos, the aphorism that charity begins at home is a truism which he has chosen to live by. Of the almost $140 million that DeVos has given away over the course of his life, the majority of that money has gone to charities, schools and other nonprofit organizations in his hometown of Grand Rapids Michigan and around the West Michigan area. DeVos has also donated considerable funds to Detroit-area charter schools, some of which have made astonishing differences in the lives of their students.


Among the organizations to which DeVos has contributed are included such names as Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning School, Ferris State University, Great Lakes Education Foundation, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland and West Michigan Aviation Academy, a highly innovative charter school that DeVos himself was intimately involved in creating. Many of the schools to which DeVos has contributed have made a real difference in the lives of inner-city youth, allowing disadvantaged children the chance to have a first-rate education and to excel at the fields in which they have shown interest.


For example, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning School has demonstrated that it is possible to bring inner-city students up to the same scholastic levels of achievement as their more privileged suburban counterparts. The Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning School has a student body that has tested almost 100 percent proficient in all categories of state standardized testing. This is a remarkable achievement, made in the backdrop of Detroit, in which some districts have no students capable of passing standardized test at even the most minimum level.