Reconciling Grand Rapids Betsy DeVos with the Education Secretary

To the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Betsy DeVos is the kindest and most generous person they have ever met. However, despite her kind and generous nature, she is no coward and has been on the forefront to fighting for education and labor reforms in Michigan. Her brave and never-surrender personality seems to have disappeared when the billionaire reformist took cabinet office as the secretary of education. Learn more:


A woman who has fought all her life to give children equal opportunities and choice is now being complacent as president Trump passed a federal policy banning transgender students from using the bathrooms that match their gender. People who have known and loved Mrs.DeVos were pretty confused by her stand as they expected her to fight the policy and take a stand for the students. However, an aide assured employees of the Education Department that she actually did fight against the move but at the end of the day, the president has executive power.


History of Betsy DeVos


Betsy was born Elisabeth prince in a very wealthy family in Holland, Michigan. Her political career started early when she joined Calvin College and became actively involved in campus politics. She has led many campaigns, political actions and party organizations including being the chairman for the Michigan Republic Party for six years.

Mrs. DeVos is also a formidable entrepreneur who has served as chairman of the Wind Quest Group, the multi-company group she started with her Husband Dick DeVos in 1989. The billionaire couple also started an aviation school in Grand Rapids to help kids from all backgrounds reach their dreams whether they want to be pilots, engineers or business people. She and her husband have spent millions of dollars and time to support institutions affiliated with education, church, arts and culture and of course sports. She is a mother of four very successful kids and they serve as her driving force to see other people’s children succeed as well.


Her Passion


Though she has had a long and successful political and business career, Betsy DeVos has one major passion and that is education. In her young ears when her kids were going to school, she realized that most parents would love to take their kids to the best schools in the world but most of them couldn’t afford it. This led to her finding a solution where even poor parents could have a choice of where their kids would go to school even if it’s a private or church-based school. The launch of private school vouchers and charter schools has been well received not only in Michigan but in other states as well. Aside from helping poor kids get equal education as rich kids, she has also started a foundation that supports kids to get an education.


Mrs.DeVos passion for education and her outspoken nature on the same led to her appointment as the secretary of education in president trumps government. Though her introduction to the cabinet was rather shaky, most people say she will catch on pretty fast and people should be afraid of her. Her polite and even funny demeanor should not confuse people that she is a laid back person who will look the other way.

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