Lacey and Larkin and their Fight Against Joe Arpaio’s Long Criminal Record

The former Sheriff of the Maricopa County in Arizona was Joe Arpaio who was at the post for 24 years before he was criminally convicted. Joe Arpaio had dubbed himself many times as ”America’s Toughest Sheriff” trying to blow up his bubble even further, but in the end, he is now known as “America Worst Sheriff.”

Elected in 1992, Joe Arpaio’s badge was finally taken away in 2007. During his debaucherous ”career” in law enforcement, Joe Arpaio’s name became a synonym of racism, sexism, and fundamental hatred towards people. Joe Arpaio frequently indulged in his preferences and manipulated, tortured, starved, and eventually killed people, or staged their murders as ”unfortunate suicides” as he had once put it.

On many occasions, Joe Arpaio had attracted media coverage because of his ways of upholding justice. He toyed with inmates and wrongfully arrested citizens by forcing them to wear pink underwear, completed with lace details, and put on the classic prison jumpsuit in black and white stripes.

He would also starve them by rationing their daily food in two portions each no bigger than the palm of his hand. The ”menu” usually consisted of expired products, mostly green bologna and rotten fruit for dessert.

Joe Arpaio’s way of keeping the country roads tidy was dispatching a chain of shackled female prisoners every once in a while, usually in the worst of wheater conditions. He later said that it was to help them keep fit and healthy. Other organizing of his included providing civilians with guns to do his bidding and round up Latinos for him to scrutinize. Joe Arpaio had decided that it was up to him to decide to deport Latinos as he saw fit.

During his 24 years as Sheriff, Joe Arpaio had amassed quite the criminal portfolio. His Tent City became well known and attracted even more media attention after he called it his own ”concentration camp” with a broad smile on his face. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Tent City w opened back in 1993 because the prisons were overcrowded. The temperatures in Tent City reaching boiling hot status and prisoners were severely mistreated. The mockery included savage beatings and birthing mothers being tightly shackled to death and left along without help during childbirth. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

May died because of Joe Arpaio though he tried to cover up his tracks by staging the murders as suicides. The number of people who were staged to have hung themselves in his cells far exceeded the rates of other counties.

What a coincidence that in those same cells Joe Arpaio had had prisoners suffocated because of confinement to restraint chairs, and many other deaths such as the passing of a woman with diabetics who needed her medicine to stay alive but was denied access to it.

Joe Arpaio was never punished for these and his other crimes. Tump issued the convicted criminal with his presidential pardon and prevented the final sentence.

Now, people like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are left behind to continue to expose people like Joe Arpaio and to seek justice and help victims.

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