Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador is resigned during the summer of 2015. His four year tenure saw the doubling of trade between Israel and the U.K. The Israeli embassy credits him with a deeper link between the two countries in business, culture and academic measures. The U.K. now has more than three hundred Israeli businesses operating in it with an annual bilateral trade of more than five and a half billion dollars.


Daniel Taub who became the Israeli ambassador during 2011 was born in the U.K. He has traveled to Northern Ireland as a peace negotiator to learn from the things that were happening there. Taub told the Jewish Chronicle that he had concerns about things going on at colleges during 2012 because he wanted everyone to be able to express themselves without the fear of someone intimidating them.


George Galloway, Bradford’s city representative to parliament decided the area was to be free from Israel’s influence during 2014; Daniel Taub then visited the city in defiance. Taub stated that he was there as a result of invitations from within the community. Taub said the city did not appear to share the ideas that Galloway was promoting at the time. He also pointed out that the two locations have a long history of cooperating with each other.


Born in 1962 in Great Britain Daniel Taub attended the University College in London and Oxford in addition to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In 1989 Daniel Taub relocated to Israel and served as a combat medic for Israel Defense Forces and in the international law division as a reserve officer. In 1991 he started at the Israeli Foreign Ministry and has been in several diplomatic and legal posts since.


Daniel Taub specializes in the laws of war and counter terrorism while having expertise in international law. He has served as a legal advisor to Israel’s missions and represented the country in several multilateral fora. He has also taken an active role in peace negotiations for several countries and is very highly accomplished in a vast array of political circumstances.